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Month: June 2017


This Platform Aims to Disrupt the Esport Gambling Industry

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape new ideas come and go in a blink of an eye. And each trend


Price Analysis: Eve and Adam Could Be Turning the Bulls

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are introducing an open-source software to facilitate the creation of payment platforms for developing


Crypto Debit Cards are Taking Bitcoin Mainstream

If the recent events have shown us anything, it’s that the social media is increasingly moving towards personalization and freedom.


What You Need to Know to Understand the Splitting of Bitcoin

Forks can be confusing, and, allegedly, there are quite a few of them coming in the nearest future. While not


Microsoft CEO Challenge: Build a “Useful” App

Despite the almost libertarian premise and a noble goal of complete decentralization, realistically, blockchain technology will not be able to

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Southeast Asian Governments Embrace Blockchain Technology

Hong Kong is embracing blockchain technology in search for a new business identity and opportunities. The city has been a


Sweden Settles Debt via Bitcoin

The volatility of cryptocurrency trading should not surprise you in the slightest. In this market, mere moments separate dazzling successes


Time to Get a Trezor Hardware Wallet!

If there is one thing that is missing from the cryptocurrency trading, it’s proper risk evaluation. CapchainX – crypto equity

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