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Month: August 2017


What Cryptocurrency Means for Marketing

Cryptocurrency might change the way our economies work and become a new foundation for future financial systems. This is far


Bitcoin Price Analysis: A Steady Decline Following a Peak

After reaching the dazzling $20,000 mark not that long ago, Bitcoin is on the slow and steady way down from


Bitcoin is Investopedia’s ‘Term of the Year’

Following its meteoric rise to the forefront of our public consciousness, Bitcoin has been named the ‘Term of the Year’


Chinese Cryptocurrency Exchanges Prosper Despite the Ban

After the fairly resent ban of the cryptocurrency transactions by the People’s Bank of China, three largest and most influential


Bitcoin to Reach $40k in 2018

Streets of New York from Harry Garcia on Vimeo. Despite the recent downturn, some of the experts believe that bitcoin


Bitcoin Attracts Investors in Hong Kong, Causes Confusion

Hong Kong from above from Stephane Ma on Vimeo. Recent move to Hong Kong of the Chinese cryptocurrency exchanges, coupled


Swiss ‘Crypto Valley’ to Launch Ethereum Digital ID Pilot

Zug, a Swiss city known in crypto space for welcoming quite a few startups, has plans for its residents to


Ethereum Classic: Was It Worth It?

One of the best known stories in the crypto-community is that of the Ethereum split. Faced with a very difficult

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