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Why do I get a Gmail address with my Google Account?

We like Gmail a lot, and if you try it out, we hope you will too! However, if you decide

Customer Service Numbers

How will Google use my email address?

We’ll use your new Gmail address to send you notifications from Google services. However, we may use your other email

Customer Service Numbers

Is my Google Account username the same as my Gmail username?

Your Google Account username is your username across all of Google, including Gmail. You can sign in to any Google

Customer Service Numbers

What is the Google sign-in process like?

When you sign in to Google, you’ll first enter your email address or phone number, and select Next. Then, you’ll enter

Customer Service Numbers

Why do I see my profile picture and name sometimes when I sign in?

To help make sign-in easier and more personal, you may see a screen with your profile picture and full name

Customer Service Numbers

What does it mean that Google may use my information to personalize content and ads on non-Google websites?

Personalization on non-Google websites allows Google to tailor +1 content and ads to you across the Web, based on your Google profile,

Customer Service Numbers

Will my Gmail address or other contact information be visible on the web?

Your Gmail address and other contact information will not be public on your profile by default. If you want to

Customer Service Numbers

Is my Google profile visible to everyone on the web?

Yes, but you can choose how much or how little to share. The name is the only part of a

Customer Service Numbers

Can I use Google products without a Google profile?

Yes. A Google profile is only necessary if you want to share publicly or use Google+. A profile helps you

Customer Service Numbers

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