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Blockchain In-Game Marketplace DMARKET Token Sale Nears Final

Currently, all plans to replace regular currency with cryptocurrency face one major hurdle: very few investors are actually spending it.


Blockchain Management System Introduced by Cisco

Cryptocurrency might change the way our economies work and become a new foundation for future financial systems. This is far


Dubai: The World’s First Blockchain Government

After reaching the dazzling $20,000 mark not that long ago, Bitcoin is on the slow and steady way down from


More States Develop National Cryptocurrencies

Despite the almost libertarian premise and a noble goal of complete decentralization, realistically, blockchain technology will not be able to


Goldman Trading Rumored to Change Bitcoin

Following its meteoric rise to the forefront of our public consciousness, Bitcoin has been named the ‘Term of the Year’


Interoperability in a World of Tangle and Block-Based Chains

Following the fairly resent ban of the cryptocurrency transactions by the People’s Bank of China, three largest and most influential


Smart Contracts to Jumpstart ICOs

Despite the recent downturn, some of the experts believe that bitcoin has not exhausted its growth potential. Notably, Mike Novogratz,


Underwhelming Conference Cuts Ripple Price

Recent move to Hong Kong of the Chinese cryptocurrency exchanges, coupled with the surging prices, attracted thousands of new investors,


Inspector General: US Mint Should Consider Bitcoin’s Impact

One of the best known stories in the crypto-community is that of the Ethereum split. Faced with a very difficult


HCPP17: Crypto Anarchy in Prague

According to the country’s Ministry of Finance, the biggest cryptocurrency will not be legitimized in Kuwait. This means that bitcoin

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