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ADATA Technology Co., Ltd.  is a Taiwanese memory and storage manufacturer company. It is founded in May 2001 by Simon Chen. Its main product line consists of DRAM modules, USB drives, USB hard drivesand memory cards in CompactFlash and Secure Digital formats. ADATA has also explored other markets, such as digital frames, solid-state drives, and Express Cards. In 2007, ADATA was the 3rd largest DRAM manufacturer in the world with a market share of 7.6% and world’s 4th largest Flash-product manufacturer. By the year of 2008, ADATA has a capital of US$55.55 million and a market capitalization of $305.16 million. It has extended its business to Europe and America, while competing strongly in Asia with Samsung, becoming the second largest worldwide supplier of DRAM modules with a 7.1% total market share.

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