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To serve the overall world, HitBTC was begun in 2013 with 6 million euros in investment subsidizing. HitBTC is a multi-faceted cryptographic money trade and exchanging stage with help for more than 150 trade-able computerized resources, including digital forms of money, tokens and starting coin offerings (ICOs).

Since its beginning, HitBTC has kept on adding new money currencies and tools to platform, including an ICO highlight that options adding tokens to the trade.

HitBTC offers an assortment of security alternatives for clients, including programmed log out and two-figure authentication proof for log, withdrawal and access to account settings. HitBTC additionally keeps a record of sign ups, which clients can see, and sends email warnings when accounts are opened from an obscure IP address.

Common Questions about HitBTC

  • What is the minimum cryptocurrency deposit or withdrawal?
  • What are HitBTC fees for cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals?
  • Can you cancel my transaction?
  • Can I transfer funds from my HitBTC account to another HitBTC account?
  • I have 0.1000000001 on my Trading account. Can I transfer the full sum to the Main account?
  • HitBTC Log-in problems
  • Problems with a Bitcoin transaction
  • My account is hacked
  • Identity verification problem
  • Digital currency withdrawal delayed
  • Two Factor Authentication problem
  • Puzzle captcha doesn’t work
  • How to contact official HitBTC Customer Support Services
  • What is HitBTC Customer Helpline number?


  • 18% fees
  • Volume in excess of ~10K BTC / day.
  • A lot of altcoins markets
  • 2FA


  • Low fees, high liquidity, desktop trading software
  • Good customer service, fairly reputable business
  • Wide selection of markets


  • Some recent controversy, been called scammy a few times. I think it is mostly solved now–hard to find bad press about them by searching.
  • They’re in China


  • USD/EUR deposits & withdrawals
  • 150+ tradeable digital assets
  • High liquidity
  • Charges are low
  • Stable uptime
  • Fiat stores and withdrawals upheld for checked clients (USD and EUR)
  • Supports Multiple languages
  • Propelled application building conventions: REST API and FIX API


  • Got hacked in 2015
  • No App yet
  • Some users had faced the slow withdrawal process
  • Long and lengthy verification process
  • Clients need to install the Google Authenticator application to empower two-factor authentication proof
  • The demo exchanging condition has been known to encounter stacking issues

HitBtc doesn’t have a phone number. Like a growing number of companies with free web-based services, you have to search forums and support sites for help. But you can get an instant customer support by calling us at our customer service phone number USA +1-833-534-8421  Toll Free. 


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Help & Support: The support offered the exchange is probably great if you are Chinese. The contact page shows an available chat and phone number but all in Chinese. There is a user chat, and the exchange can be contacted via email so getting support is definitely not impossible for international customers. The guides/FAQ probably have not been translated either, or they have been very well hidden. From an international perspective Bter does not score very high on this area.

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