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Have you ever experienced logging into your Twitter account to find it has been suspended? Do not worry: Your account has just been suspended and not banned. In such a case, you have to contact Twitter support, explain your problem explicitly and wait for revert from their end. It usually takes 7 working days to get your Twitter account unsuspended.

Why is Twitter account suspended?

It is Twitter’s earnest attempt to maintain a secure environment for its users. Accounts are usually suspended for those users who are violating the Twitter rules. They may also get suspended if they suspect that an account has been compromised or hacked. If any user thinks that Twitter made a mistake by suspending their account, they can make an appeal for account suspension. On the other hand, if Twitter denied to a user’s appeal, their account suspension becomes permanent. Twitter will ensure that the user’s account is removed from the global view and they are unable to create new accounts.


Reasons for suspended Twitter account 

Some of the common reasons for suspended Twitter accounts are as follows:

Spammy: If the accounts are spammy in nature or simply Fake and they instigate security threat to Twitter and all its users, such accounts are immediately suspended by Twitter as they are against Twitter rules. There have been instances wherein a genuine users account gets suspended mistakenly but, in such scenarios, Twitter ensures that the users account gets unsuspended as early as possible.

Tweeting a lot:  As per Twitter rules, a user is not allowed to tweet more than 1000 times in a single day. If you are found reaching the limit many times, Twitter will finally suspend your account.

Offensive Tweets: Think twice before you post anything on Twitter. Sending abusive tweets on Twitter and harassing people is a strict violation of Twitter rules. When a user engages in such unethical practices like sending threats or impersonating another person’s account, Twitter will gauge the situation and most likely will suspend that account.

Account security at danger: If Twitter suspects that an account has been compromised or hacked, it will instantly suspend the account until it can be secured or restored to the account owner.


How to recover the suspended Twitter account


  • Recover your suspended account on your own: Try to log in to your Twitter account and if you see prompt asking you to provide your contact details and email address, follow the instructions to recover suspended Twitter account.


  • Make an Appeal: If you are unable to recover your account using the instructions mentioned above and think that Twitter made an error by suspending your account. You can make an appeal.


The process to make an appeal to recover suspended Twitter account


  • Log in to the suspended Twitter account with Id and password.
  • An appeal regarding an account suspension.
  • Where are you experiencing the issue?
  • Nature of Problem
  • Fill up your personal information like Full name, Twitter user name, Email Id, Phone number, etc.
  • Submit


Twitter usually takes a few days to respond to any request submitted. However, for some issues, it may take longer. Check your inbox regularly for any update from Twitter account.

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