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Fix AOL Email Not Receiving

AOL Mail is a webmail service that is free of charge for users, offered by AOL, a brand of Verizon Media based out of New York City. Known to be extensively user-friendly offering a single-pane site to users for chatting, emailing, browsing and also for easy-to-set custom settings, the platform has remained consistent over years with no major update happening at the frontend.

Since mid-2017 many users of AOL mail have complained that they are unable to receive AOL mail on their AOL desktop and handphone. If you are one of the thousands of users of AOL mail who is facing issues with the mail and wondering how to fix my AOL Mail not responding then these are few things that you can do to try and fix the issue:-

  1. Check your internet connections on your desktop and smartphone to ensure that there is no issue on this front.
  2. Check if the emails are going to the spam, Trash or other folders. If they are, you would need to select the ‘Not Spam’ button to get the emails directly to your inbox.
  3. Next, make sure that your AOL account is not deactivated. Often when you do not use your AOL email on a regular basis, the account gets deactivated due to inactivity. If unused for 180 days at one stretch, the AOL account can be deactivated permanently – hence ensure that this is not the case.
  4. Check with the sender if he is sending the emails to the right email address.
  5. There are times when due to heavy traffic or issues with the mail server, the email might be taking a long time to get delivered – so do not rule out this option even if the chances are rare of this being the cause behind AOL Mail Not Currently Available.
  6. Run a quick check on the Block list on your email account to check if the sender has been blocked by you for receiving and sending emails.
  7. For users using the AOL webmail version, clearing the browser cache memory can also help.
  8.  Check your Display Name for if it contains AOL then sending emails using AOL email is not possible.
  9. Disable any antivirus software that is present in the system, temporarily.
  10. In case it is an issue with the attachment of the email not working properly or opening, you would need to address the issue of AOL Mail Not Receiving Attachments. In such cases, it is best to delete the attachment for it will not come through properly if the size of the attachment is too big or if it is in an unsupported format.

However, even after following all these above steps if the problem of AOL Mail Not Sending or Receiving persists, then you need to do the following:-

  1. For AOL Desktop
  2. Restart the computer and see if it works or not. If not, check for the point mentioned below.
  3. The reason behind this could be attributed to two major changes that AOL announced in March 2017.
  4. In a statement released on March 2017, the company requested its users to upgrade from their old AOL Desktop to the new AOL Desktop Gold. While the former was a free service, the latter is a paid version with a monthly subscription fee. The step, the company said was mandatory for all users to be able to send and receive emails on their AOL mail. On subscribing to the new service, the email accounts were automatically upgraded to the newer version. The company also stated that users who do not subscribe to AOL Desktop Gold, might still be able to access their emails on the old desktop software but they would encounter a message saying that AOL mail not sending or receiving meaning that these users would no longer be able to send or receive emails on their old desktop version.
  5. The other thing that the company announced at the same time was that if users do not wish to go in for the new subscribed desktop version, they would be able to access their AOL mail only on the AOL webmail portal – Users can use their existing login id and password and access the webmail for being able to send and receive emails.

If even after installation of the new Desktop software or those using the webmail service, users are unable to receive AOL mail, then they need to do the following:-

  • Temporarily clear your firewall on windows.
  • If this is not the case, it means that AOL is blocking your emails and you need to re-configure the outgoing SMTP settings. Go to the Account Properties tab. Click on Delivery Options, and then select the ‘Requires Authentication Checkbox’. Now click on the Setup button and then Ok to proceed. Next, go to the ‘Advanced’ button, open your email settings and set your STMP outgoing server address to This should be able to address the issue of AOL blocking emails error.

In case even after this, the problem is not resolved you will need to go to advanced troubleshooting or take help from AOL to fix the issue.

  1. Smartphone
  2. If the webmail is not working properly on your mobile, you can download the Android AOL App from the Google Playstore and use it instead.
  3. You can also try moving to another web browser if the webmail is not working on your regular browser on your handphone.
  4. In order to fix AOL mail not sending or receiving problem, you can also change the account setting or reconfigure the email account on your iPhone or Android phone. In the case of the iPhone, the AOL account is automatically configured but in case of Android, you will have to configure it manually once again.
  5. In case you have an iPhone where the AOL account has stopped working you can try the option of hard reset on your iPhone by simultaneously holding the power button and down the volume button to shut off the phone and then switch it on after 10-15 seconds.
  6. The other thing that you can do to when faced with the question, How Do I Get to My AOL Mail is to remove the account from your smartphone and then add the account again.
  7. Often it is a glitch in the software that blocks the AOL email from working on iPhone and Android. In such cases your phone might need a repair of the operating system and would you need to take help from your smartphone manufacturer or use third-party repair software.


  1. If all the above troubleshooting efforts do not yield the desired results and you continue to face the issue of AOL Mail Not Currently Available, you will need to contact AOL for the right solution.


If the problem is only about AOL Mail Not Receiving Attachments, then you can try this to find a fix:-

  • You need to check the spam settings of your email.
  • On the right-hand upper side, there is a tab called ‘Options’ just below your Username. Click on it and go to Mail Settings.
  • You will notice on the left-hand side panel, ‘Spam Settings’. Open it.
  • Just next to the Content Filter, there is a box option called Block Mail containing pictures or files. Uncheck this box and click Save Settings to save it.


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