Today’s hectic times have hardly left us with us any kind of recreational activities. On one hand, we don’t have times to spend on our ourselves, where on the contrary there are too many online portals that are serving entertainment platter, especially for kids. Summer holidays are on the horizon and kids have bucked up their seat belts for more fun, frolic, and laughter. People plan to travel to far off places and destinations in order to create new memories. At the same time, kids to seem to be interested on their own gaming trip. Playing games with friends and relatives are always fun and the Google play store has made it all more possible by displaying all the features where one can see what games their friends are playing and switching too.  One can download Google play free games anytime and anywhere on the Google play store.

One can install free games on Google play store. Google play free games have variety and options for online gaming. Merely by downloading the app through the Google play store, you are welcomed to a portal of your favorite game. One can also view things like which games you have played, or the games you have played recently, or you have currently installed. One can also browse through the games where they can engage with the other friends or the games that require multiple players. One can view your friends on Google+ who also use Google Play free Games. It will be wonderful to know how many of your friends are using the app and playing the games.

The Google play free games itself is a graphical dashboard for gamers and a one-stop gaming destination whether it is about the games or the friends you want to play these games with.

  • How Can One Use the App?

The question arises how one can use Google Play Games. Google play free games are the junction for gamers only and non-gamers has no place of existence in it. There are millions of games from temple run to candy crush and their numerous stages that will take you on the roller coaster ride of adventure and fun. Through the Google Play Store, One can see what friends are online and see what games they are playing. You can view the games you have downloaded, browse for more games and look forward to launching more games as well. One can send invites to friends for any particular games. All in all, Google play store allows you to have a gaming zone online without paying any of the charges. For gamers, the most versatile use for this dashboard is finding multiplayer games. It’s not like torturing your friends with game invites over facebook but it’s actually about playing games with them virtually.

Google play store is a real-time supporter for multiple player games in the Android world. But before beginning, one must take these steps into consideration:

  • First of all, enable real-time multiplayer support for your game in the Google Play Console.
  • Download the real-time multiplayer game code samples.
  • Aware yourself with the recommendations described in the quality checklist.

 How to start a real-time multiplayer game

The main screen is the gamers’ primary entry point to begin a real-time multiplayer game or inviting other players for playing:

1) Quick Game button – It allows the player to play against the selected opponents.

2) Invite Players button – It allows the player to invite friends to join a game session.

3) Show Invitations button – It allows the player to see any game invitations sent by another player. Clicking on this option will launch the invitation inbox.

 Google play free games are a great place to conjugate all of your Android games. Google play store fills the rejuvenating spirit of the gamers all along with the refined gaming experience. Android users and gamers now have a gaming network with which they can build gaming connections.

But on the contrary, Google plays free games still have to do a lot of improvisations. One can view achievements and friends who play games. But one cannot expand the search for all your friends who play a specific game or one cannot have a look at their achievements all at once. These features still need improvisations.

Although it’s really a great place to be used by android users. It has enthusiastically replaced the pc gaming and dashboard gaming as it is one large sphere of gaming interface bridging the gap between the friends, deriving competition and winning the game on one to one basis. But one disadvantage that lags the whole concept behind Google plays free games is choosing one gamer out of hundreds of non-gamers from the contact list.

But still, it’s not bad if you just want to chill at home with your phone without losing senses in the summer blues and that too with your friends. Its like an icing on the cake. Giving it a try will make you go through subtle fun experiences. All you need is to open your Google play store and download Google play free games.