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A Cryptocurrency is a digital asset devised to work as a medium of exchange. It uses strong cryptography in order to secure financial transactions and verify the transfer of assets. It is a decentralized form of Digital Currency which functions without the involvement of a central bank or intermediaries. Peer-to-peer transactions have led to the rise of the digital currency world and Cryptocurrency has been on the forefront throughout. Blockchain technology is used to verify and record these transactions.

The issue of security has been a fundamental one for Cryptocurrency since its development. On one hand, Crypt currency is difficult to hack and it’s only because of the Blockchain technology which supports it. But it does not necessarily mean it cannot be a hack or it’s a safe investment. A User must be aware of its potential risks during various stages of its trading process. The web world is full of digital stalkers. We generally encounter the hacking incidents in our day to day life whether it’s about personal information or security passwords. The hackers have a sharp knack of using advanced hacking techniques. For example, social engineering, phishing, and various other techniques, the list are endless.

Cryptocurrency Owners are a big target

Cryptocurrency users must be extra careful of the hacking Issues. Although it is the most secure way to store the value to date, you are completely responsible for your own protection as you are the prime owner of your private keys.

Although it is a good thing to be in full control of your own capital. On the other hand, it requires some additional measures to ensure that nobody can hamper the process of your Crypto Payment Gateway. It especially applies to those users who own a considerable amount of Cryptocurrencies. They are known to become soft targets for hackers to scam.

As there is so much news about data breaches, password leaks, and huge Cryptocurrency. It becomes a major issue to take security measures to get rid of such thefts.

Let’s look at some of the necessary tips on how to effectively protect your Cryptocurrency exchange or Crypto payment Gateway process. Firstly, we need to look up for the methods to strengthen our Security.

  1. Create a strong password: First thing you must do is create a strong password for a secure Crypto payment gateway. There are various techniques that an owner can use to create a complicated password.
  • The password should be long enough, it should not be less than least 12 characters
  • It must include numbers, symbols, capital, and lower-case letters.
  • A user must avoid using dictionary words.
  1. Use Password Manager: Password manager is specially designed to manage multiple passwords, as well as identify the duplicates along with the weaker ones. With the assistance of such software, a user is able to create complex passwords.
  2. Use 2factor Authenticator: It is the most commonly used method in order to protect your account. Basically, 2FA adds an additional layer of safety to your account so it cannot be accessed easily merely by entering the password. Thus, it strengthens the Crypto payment gateway.

Further steps to secure your Crypto Wallet Payment Gateway

Now that you have created a foundation of safety by securing your accounts, we will now move further on taking the steps to secure your Cryptocurrency Exchange.

  1. Never trust Centralized Exchanges

Crypto Payment Gateway is often centralized, which means an owner does not have full control of their assets. These exchanges often become soft targets for hackers. So, we shall never keep a large amount of Cryptocurrency there.

  1. Use online and offline wallets

Every Cryptocurrency has its own wallet, where you can store your coins. There are other safer multi-coin wallets too that assist many different Cryptocurrencies. But encryption of a wallet is necessary.  It is considered to be the safest option for the users who own large amounts of Cryptocurrencies.

Create backups

For a secure Crypto payment gateway, you must always remember the potential dangers of either losing your hardware wallet or private keys.  As losing either of the ones can hamper the exchange badly. Always remember to have backups of your private keys.

  1. Diversify your assets

Make sure not to keep all your assets in one place. It is good to spread around your assets across multiple wallets. This way you can be assured that even if someone tries to access your wallet. You will safely have the rest of the assets with you.

  1. Use effective VPN services

VPN Services hide your IP address by generating a safer private network on the Internet. It enables you to hide your internet activity in case you are browsing through public Wi-Fi. Though, you should never use an unsafe internet connection during Cryptocurrency exchange. This is the best way to protect your Crypto payment gateway from a hacker.

  1. Be aware of fraudulent websites:

There are numerous websites out there that are mainly created for the purpose of hacking your Crypto Payment Gateway. Hence, it becomes difficult to differentiate between a real and a fake website. Always use your wisdom before sending your crypto to an unknown merchant,

  1. Use Coingate: A Safe source of Crypto Payment Gateway.

As we are aware that Cryptocurrencies are irreversible, it is important to sell and buy a Cryptocurrency at a legit store. Many times, we cannot make out which one is trustworthy and which one is a fraud. In such a case, one must use Coingate, which assures secure Crypto payment gateway. While using Coingate for a secure transaction, Cryptocurrency owners have to go through an extensive KYC identification. It is done in order to protect the owners from possible illicit activities.

Lastly, if you are a Cryptocurrencies trader, you might want to explore options of decentralized exchanges. Since there is no scope of failure in it. Also, your coins are always safe with decentralized Exchanges.

Hence, by following the above tips, one can secure the Crypto Payment Gateway from hackers.

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