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For an exchange to be successful, it requires a great customer support team, capable of answering all user questions and requests in a timely manner. While the support area on Binance could use a little work, the team is responsive and capable of offering professional aid to traders in need.

What is Binance?

 Basically, Binance is a China-based digital cryptocurrency and a major exchange platform for cryptocurrencies. Binance began live trading in JULY 2017 and offering a successful business exchange yet.

The Binance currently supports around 50 coins and tokens such as EOS, Neo, Qtum, Stratis, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Iota, OmiseGO, and Walton. Binance, found online at, is a popular cryptocurrency exchange currently sitting in the top 20 exchanges by volume. The exchange has particularly strong volume in pairs like NEO/BTC, GAS/BTC, ETH/BTC, and BNB/BTC. 

Instant Solution To For All Your Binance Exchange & Supported Coins Problems

Q. What will happen if I submitted the same token information as others?
A: With a strict internal reviewing process, if more than one user submits the same content, reviewing will strictly follow the order of submission time, accuracy of submission contents, and some other principals.

Q. How to add coin information in Binance?
A: To add new token info, go to ‘Binance Info’ then click ‘Create Token Info’ to add a new coin.

Q. How much time the reviewing will take?
A: A strict internal reviewing process is used by Binance, so they try their best to review your content as soon as possible.

Q. Unable to modify token information?
A: To edit token information, you need to log in your Binance account, go to the token information page which you would like to edit, then click ‘Edit’ on the right-hand side. When you complete editing, please click ‘submit’ and wait for review.

Q. Why token editing page shows ‘This Token already exists’?
A: When you submit token information which is already displayed, then ‘This Token already exists’ will be shown.

Q. I am unable to upload whitepapers in other formats except for PDF?
A: Binance currently supporting users to upload white papers in PDF format only to ensure the authenticity and normalization of uploaded white papers.

Q. The language version I choose is not in accordance with the language of uploaded content, is it possible to be approved?
A: At present, ‘Binance Info’ only supports Chinese and English, we highly recommend that the language of your editing contents should be consistent with your selected language version, otherwise your submitted contents will not be approved.

Q. Is swapping cost any additional fee?
A: Yes, you can swap one currency for others depending on their available prices.

A. If you want to see at first hand just how to use their exchange then simply pay a visit to their website for by doing so you are then going to be able to make use of their freedom to access and free to use video tutorials that will show you just how easy their exchange is to use.

A. You are going to have two different ways that you can utilize the digital currency exchange available at Binance and the first way is by using any computer or laptop to access their online change and can then buy and sell any cryptocurrency you want very easily.
However, if you are ever out and about and wish to buy or sell digital currency then you will also find they have a very advanced yet very easy to use mobile exchange platform too, and your online log in details do give you full and unrestricted access to their mobile platform too.

A. To ensure you are going to have a hassle-free experience when using the Binance digital currency exchange you will discover that they do utilize a multi-cluster system that does allow for streamlined buying and selling of any digital currencies.
For more information on it please do take a look at their website and whilst you are there do take a good look around their site and their exchange for I am completely confident that it will live up to and much more likely surpass your very highest of expectations.

A. One annoying aspect of using some of the more recently launched digital currency exchanges is that there is simply not the liquidity of digital currencies available at those exchanges, and as such you are going to find that you may find many restrictions and limits in regards to the volume of any digital currency you do wish to buy and also sell.
That is certainly not going to be something you will find or experience as use of Binance for their millions of customers based in all countries of the world ensure that there is always very high liquidity of every digital currency available to buy on their exchange.

A. The one impressive aspect of Binance is that you will find there is a range of option settings available to you that will allow you t put into place your own type of experience when using their digital currency exchange. If you do not use English as your main language then one of the option settings allows you to select one of eight different languages to have in use on the platform and on your account too.

Q. What Cryptocurrencies Are Supported by Binance?
A. Binance supports a wide variety of cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin Gold (BTG), Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), EOS, Dash (DASH), LiteCoin (LTC), NEO, GAS, Zcash, Ripple (XRP) and many more
Data Migration takes a lot of time

Q. Is there fiat currency support?
A. No, Binance does not support the fiat currency

Q. Does Binance has their own wallet?
A. Binance provides wallet with exchange

Q. I lost my two-factor password?
A. Enter your email address and password on the login page, click ‘Lost your Google Authenticator?’ If you have the Google 2FA backup key then you can easily reset the password

Q. Not receiving the SMS code?
A. If your device is unable to receive the SMS code the first you have to check your signal then Close Anti-virus software or firewall apps on your cellphone; Restart your cell phone.

Q. Sent coins to the wrong address?
A. Even Binance don’t know about who controls those addresses, therefore you have only one choice to negotiate it with the owner of an address

Q. Withdraw funds to the wrong address?
A. Unfortunately, there is no way to this process as soon as you click the Withdrawal Confirmation button
Q. What is the minimum limit of Deposit/Withdrawal on Binance?

A. There are no minimum limits on deposit/withdrawals

Q. How can I resolve this ‘ERROR-1021’ message?
A. This error message occurs when there is a desync between the server time and your system time. For solving this issue you have to update your software. If this problem still occurs that means it may be a network-related issue

Q. Is Binance a decentralized exchange?
A. No, Binance is not currently decentralized   

 Binance is fully Compatible with:

  • Web
  • iOS
  • Android
  • HTML5
  • WeChat
  • PC Clients

    Some Common Binance Support Issues: –

  • Problems with a Bitcoin transaction
  • A problem to create an account
  • I can’t log in to my account
  • Unable to retrieve the local bitcoins password
  • Unable to buy bitcoins
  • My account is hacked
  • Unable to sell bitcoins
  • Unable to send digital currency to another wallet
  • Identity verification problem
  • Unable to receive digital currency from another wallet
  • Digital currency withdrawal delayed
  • Two Factor Authentication problem
  • Unable to delete/disable Binance account
  • puzzle captcha doesn’t work
  • Unable to withdraw forked coins
  • Issues with my Binance app on IOS (gets stuck)

What are the advantages of using Binance?

    Directly supports 100+ cryptocurrencies:-

  • Basic and Advanced exchange features
  • Multi-language support
  • Offers the Binance in-house BNB token for reduced trading fees
  • High liquidity
  • Can process up to 1.4 million transactions per second
  • Always have a proven track in crypto and finance record
  • Offers reward programs
  • Low fees on transactions and withdrawals

    Drawbacks of Binance:

  • Some issues are analyzed with Android Mobile App version
  • Delays in withdrawing certain coins
  • Totally under the regulatory actions of the Chinese government
  • Can’t be assessed for a long time easily (because it’s completely new platform)
  • Currently, only Chinese phone numbers are supported for two-factor authentication
  • Collects user data

Binance doesn’t have a phone number. You have to search their forums and support sites for help. You may call the US On +1-844-200-1631 to get third party support. A phone number system with less hold time in comparison to other phone numbers, call us now for live support from your computer.

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Opening Hours

Time From Time To Custom Text
Monday 8 AM 11 PM Eastern Standard Time
Tuesday 8 AM 11 PM Eastern Standard Time
Wednesday 8 AM 11 PM Eastern Standard Time
Thursday 8 AM 11 PM Eastern Standard Time
Friday 8 AM 11 PM Eastern Standard Time
Saturday 8 AM 11 PM Eastern Standard Time
Sunday 8 AM 11 PM Eastern Standard Time



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