QuickBooks is Intuit Inc’s set of software solutions designed to manage payroll, inventory, sales and other needs of a small business. The software’s features include marketing tools, merchant services, product and supplies, training solutions. Each solution is developed according to different industries and their needs.

Issues regarding QuickBooks

·         QuickBooks run slowly in multi-user mode

·         You lose the connection to the data file

·         The reinstall fails

·         You’ve lost the admin password

·         Updating the data file fails

·         Rebuilding the data file fails

·         A new printer won’t print

·         You can’t copy or move the QuickBooks data file

·         QuickBooks client machine can’t locate the data file on the server

·         You can’t find the licensing information


Pros of  QuickBooks:

  • Efficient
  • Good accounting reports
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable price
  • Flexible with 3rd party applications


Cons of QuickBooks:

  • File-size issues
  • Lack of key reports outside of accounting
  • Lack of industry and business-specific features (such as lot tracking, eCommerce and barcode scanning)
  • Limitations on the number of users
  • Instability/system crashes
  • Lack of direct professional support


Quickbooks doesn’t have a phone number. You have to search forums or find them on business support sites for customer service help. Get instant help & support for Quickbooks, call us at our customer service phone number USA +1-833-219-1999  UK  + 1800CSN. A phone number system with less hold time in comparison to other phone numbers, call us now for live support from your computer.

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