Staples, Inc. is an American multinational office supply retailing corporation. It currently comprises over 1,500 stores in North America. Headquartered in Framingham, Massachusetts, Staples also does business extensively with enterprises in the United States and Canada, and as Staples Business Advantage.

Staples sells office supplies, office machines, promotional products, technology, and business services both in stores and online. The company opened its first store in Brighton, Massachusetts on May 1, 1986.

Features of Staples

  • Huge variety of office products
  • Reliable products
  • Free shipping
  • Return and Replace
  • Various card acceptance
  • No installation charges
  • Affordable prices

Some common problems Staples, We fix-

  • Bandwidth errors
  • Mobile app crashes
  • Payment failures
  • Slow website
  • Password recovery
  • Card security issues
  • Product Guarantee/Warranty renewals
  • Customer support service
  • Product return errors
  • Tracking your products
  • Account reset
  • Refund issues
  • Unhelpful product details

Advantages and Disadvantages of Staples


  • Enough stocks
  • Prices of products are low
  • Free installation
  • Replacing of products are easy
  • They also provide printing services like Card printing, custom label etc.
  • Staples also provides security services like Antivirus and data backup


  • Cheap quality products
  • Only ideal for business purposes
  • As there is minimum chance of direct customer to company interactions, customer loyalty is always on a check
  • Payment gateways are not secure
  • Bad customer service

Staples doesn’t have a technical support number. You can search your problems or issues to their help forum and community sites. You can get an instant customer support by call us at our customer service phone number USA +1-833-534-8421 for Staples. A phone number system with less hold time in comparison to other phone numbers, call us now for live support from your computer.

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