TomTom GO Live 1535M Customer Service Phone Number USA

TomTom NV is a Dutch company that produces traffic, navigation and mapping products. It also makes action cameras, GPS sports watches, fleet management systems, and location-based products. As of 2015 TomTom’s business has four business units: Consumer, Automotive, Licensing and Telematics, through which it sells and licenses its technology and products.

Features of TomTom GO Live 1535M

  • Voice navigation
  • TomTom LIVE Services
  • TomTom HD Traffic
  • 5-inch touchscreen display
  • Built-in memory
  • Many built-in apps

Some common problems of TomTom GO Live 1535M, We fix-

  • Problems while loading updates
  • Pc connection issue
  • Setting reset
  • Google Drive syncing error
  • Service renewal problems
  • Errors during Maps installation
  • Server error
  • Signal blockage issue
  • Slow tracking problems
  • Bluetooth connection issue
  • Problems with mobile connectivity

Advantages and Disadvantages of TomTom GO Live 1535M


  • User-friendly touch screen
  • Built-in apps to make it more fun to use
  • Smartphone connectivity
  • Convenient


  • You can’t save routes
  • Maps and traffic updates are only free for 1 year, after that, you have to pay for the service
  • Internet service cost extra $60 per year
  • Outdated software

TomTom GO Live 1535M doesn’t have a technical support number. You can search for your problems or issues to their help forum and community sites. You can get an instant customer support by calling us at our customer service phone number USA +1-833-219-1999  UK  + 1800CSN for TomTom GO Live 1535M. A phone number system with less hold time in comparison to other phone numbers, call us now for live support from your computer.

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